About Us

About Us

The construction sector has been involved in the market in 1983 because of the need in our region .

Being aware of our responsibility to the entry into , from its inception, the right steps on the road to this day aims to maintain proud of our achievements .

Without compromising quality , reliability and customer satisfaction principle , while maintaining a stable state in our region to enjoy the happiness of being a reputable company .

Selecting appropriate materials primarily in the construction industry rapidly evolving customer demands , the company soon became an indispensable supplier to deliver the material . However, the market is also the most exclusive dealership agreements with product brands, has succeeded in offering outstanding products with quality service to its clients .

Increasing supplies of material every day business activities while continuing success of social life to achieve quality by combining proud to produce the perfect housing .

Without compromising quality , modern and reliable life centers to build and implement technological developments , contributing to rising standards of living and social standards in the construction industry , grasp the world , Humans , nature and emphasis on experience lasting achievements in terms of quality .


Conscious of its social responsibility ,
Make customer satisfaction ,
Work with specialist teams ,
Provide support for continuing education ,
In partnership with the right solution at the right time , providing
Respect for the rights of all kinds of customers to make ,

Project and application requirements of our customers with world standards of quality and techniques to solve
Different design projects ,
Safe , Affordable, Cosmetic , produce and implement projects .

                                         Chairman of the Board of Directors

                                                         Abdullah AÇIK